(¸.•´ (¸ PRE ORDER SPECIAL PRICE 99P/.99C Only until 8th Aug, price going back up to £1.99 Readers are saying ‘Kacey’s best book, so far.’ Pre-Order: Excerpt: “No, but I do other things…” She began saying when there was a loud banging on the door and a short rounded man with a bushy beard walked in. “Out!” He growled at Cammie, she looked towards me and back towards this man. “You know she’s Bl…” Cammie began talking when he grabbed her by the hair and slammed her into the nearest wall. I let out a little scream. “I said, GET OUT!” He roared in her ear. She nodded frantically and he let her go and she looked at me with an apology in her eyes. She had tried to keep this guy away from me; what did he want? Who was he? After the door slammed shut, he turned towards me. I had managed to back myself up against the wall and his eyes were fixed on my tummy. “Who are you?” My voice trembled with fear. “Club whores don’t get to ask questions.” “But, I…” I stuttered. “And they don’t interrupt either.” He growled gripping my face painfully in his hand.

Devon Destroyers MC: South Coast Brothers #1
Heathers life drastically changed when her husband was murdered in front of her. Forced to live and work at the Devon Destroyers MC to pay off her husband’s outstanding debt. With a baby on the way and no place to go Heather would do anything to survive, even play house with someone potent…
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