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The Dark Secrets Series
This review actually made me tear up:

Finishing Silence was in a way bittersweet for me. This series came recommended by a newly found book blogger friend. I crashed so hard into Ara and David’s world that even as I started down the dark and twisted road of their entwining lives I never knew that a single book or in this case a series would shape the way I think about story telling. Silence as the part 2 conclusion of th series really came at a strange time in life as I battled personal demons. Picking up Silence, honestly, gave me hope because of the situations these characters faced and their determination to fight the darkness ahead of them and that’s something I need to thank A.M. Hudson for because I don’t know how much she knows her words through Ara’s hope has helped me cope with my personal struggles in life.

I honestly don’t think I can write one of my typical long winded reviews for Silence because in keeping with its namesake, it left me in Silence. They are so many conflicts going into this epic conclusion that Ara must face that I can’t spoil the literary experience of long time fans if I were to highlight those here. I can simply say that Silence lives up to the dramatic building that you are left with Echoes. While most of the questions you have going into the final book are answered, there are some surprising twists and turns that leave the series a little open ended in my opinion that could possible bring about a spin off series later. As I conclude my review, I will end with this thought. Silence has everything you could ever hope for in a novel with its tests of loyalty, trust, family, and most of all love. Love comes in many forms and throughout your life you are tested in those areas. Ara and those characters that fill her world aren’t immune to these tests of fate, but all that matters is who is left when the dust settles and the final toll of battle has been rung. Thank you A.M. Hudson for what may be the best literary experience of my life.

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