My Thoughts ~ Just Between Us by Hayley Oakes


Sophie and Kyle feel in love when they were eighteen. They keep their relationship a secret no one could ever know. Sophie could not handle the rumors people would start if anyone knew. To her the relationship was taboo she just not change how she felt about Kyle. When they both left for college they also ended the relationship. They were both started new chapter in there lives.
Sophie met Simon in school. He was safe and that is what she needed. When they graduated they took the next steps. Bought a house together and got engaged to be married. Sophie felt everything was perfect. Until a few days before there wedding. Simon breaks the whole thing off. Heart broken Sophie moves back home with her Mom & Step-dad.
Kyle comes and takes Sophie away for the summer to get over a broken heart. He had no intentions to be more to her than a friend/ Stepbrother.
Sophie’s Heart always belong to Kyle.
Kyle’s Heart always belong to Sophie.
The relationship is Taboo in Sophie’s eyes. But the heart wants what the heart wants. Soul mates can not change their destiny.

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